Friday, January 1, 2016

Into 2016

I did it.  I stayed up until the new year arrived in my time zone.  Staying up specifically for that was not my intent, but I decided to watch a Lord of the Rings movie that came on and it went until midnight.  My bed received me shortly after.

This morning I woke up to find that the vertigo was back again.  It had just gone away two days ago after having been around for two-plus weeks.  I'd have no objection if it went away and stayed away.

My husband was already up, so I went downstairs, grabbed a cup of coffee and plopped myself down on the sofa to watch the Rose Parade over the next two hours.  Then I went back upstairs, checked Facebook and read a very crushing post.  Over the last couple of years, when I'm up north, some of my lady classmates and I would get together for lunch.  It's so nice to see my classmates and realize we can all be friends and actually feel close to each other, though that may not have been the case in school.  Funny how maturity does that to us.  

The husband of one classmate had sent me a friend request within this past year and he seemed to be just a wonderful dear of a man, and they were so much in love and just the cutest couple based on their respective posts, I never met him in person though.  He ran an antique store in McMinnville where my dad used to live.  In the early hours of this morning, I don't know all the details, he had a massive heart attack and did not survive.  I am heart-broken for his wife and family.  He was only 63, far too young in my thinking, but I know God's timing is perfect, and this man had an on-fire love for the Lord.  Still, for my classmate to lose her husband with so much future left to enjoy, seems so heart-breaking.  

I'm hoping this isn't a sign of what the rest of 2016 brings; I'd like it to be more positive than 2015.

We're planning to go see Star Wars today...I'd better get my head into the game!

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