Monday, December 7, 2015

FT and TT

I often use abbreviations on my grocery lists.  FT is facial tissue and TT is toilet tissue.  So far today, they have both been my best friends.  I'm planning on running a couple of errands, but am waiting a bit to make sure I don't have any sudden needs for the one.  The other I can take with me ;p
Sitting in church yesterday, I was feeling like I was being attacked by allergens, requiring those FTs several times as well as needing to clear my throat.  By the end of the day, with tissue box ever ready, I realized I was more likely getting the first cold I've had in close to three years.  Count my blessings, right?  Amen!  I'm praying this one will be short-lived, and that the requirement for the other was because I ate dinner really late and it was a salad, even later followed up by vanilla ice cream smothered with cherry pie filling and whipped cream.  Maybe not the best diet, but it sure satisfied the cravings for sweet.

When I awoke this morning, my throat was pretty sore too.  It's a little better, so maybe some of that was from night time breathing issues and snoring.  I was supposed to go to the dentist this afternoon to have my crown permanently put on, but called and changed the appointment, not wanting to share my germs with them, though for all I know, that's where I contracted the germs in the first place at my appointment one week ago for the root canal (after a year of waiting to see if the nerves would settle down - I have problematic nerves - which they didn't, thus the r.c.).

I'm thinking it's safe to find my shoes and socks now and head out to get those errands done.  I also need to get tomorrow's Toaster Oven post written up and get a whole lot of housework done - it was a lazy weekend when it came to housework.  My sewing projects took precedence.

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