Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation Moments

Quilt camp has come and gone.  Had a nice time sewing and sewing and eating...three squares a day! The camp fed us quite well.  And it's already the 13th day of our vacation, the time is flying by.

This is what my car did enroute to Suttle Lake Methodist Quilt Camp (no, I'm not Methodist, but that's where the quilt camp was because most others in the group are Methodists):

photos taken pulled over at side of road :)

My Highlander reached 100,000 miles.  It's a 2006.  I really like this vehicle.
Mt. Washington.  Viewed on the way to the camp.

Aunt Irene in front of White Rabbit on Sisters Quilt Show Day, we were very blessed to have found a great parking space right in town (shhhh, don't tell anyone we weren't "locals only" following traffic directions)
I took a lot of pictures at the Sisters Quilt Show on Saturday (7/13) but will wait to post any until I return home in a couple weeks.

This is the early morning sea of people at the quilt show, I haven't names - it's in a public setting.  The main street through town is blocked off from automobile traffic.  There were more people by the time we left in the early afternoon.

A view of Suttle Lake, we drove here and it's probably 1/2 - 1 mile from the group camp building we stayed in.

Nick at Boiler Bay

Today, Nick and I and my parents took a drive to the coast.  We stopped at Boiler Bay briefly.  It was chilly, a little windy though not as bad as it could have been, the ocean had motion with spray coming off some of the waves along the shoreline (not seen in the above pic).  We drove on down and over the bridge in Newport before turning around and heading back.  We stopped in Lincoln City and had a late lunch with a to go order from J's Fish & Chips, coated cod, slaw, curly fries and beverage, and drove to a parking overlook at D-Lake (aka Devil's Lake) where we ate our lunch.  It was nice to visit the coast again.  Nick wanted to stop at PigNPancake, but my dad doesn't do any sit down restaurant action so we'll plan another trip for next week perhaps when my parents won't be with us.  When we were kids, we'd stop at the Pronto Pup stand.  Back then of course, it truly was just a 'stand' no bigger than an outhouse, and didn't look much different from one quite frankly, but the rare occasion we'd stop, we enjoyed them.  For those who don't know, Pronto Pups are like corn dogs on a stick. Panake-like batter dipped wiener that's deep-fried.

The next few days will be visiting family & friends, and transitioning from my parents to my aunts where I'll have internet but it's not as speedy as here, and here isn't as good as home, but all are better than what was at quilt camp, where all I had was 3 yellow bars and lonngg upload times.  Of course, who wants to be on the internet when you have hours and days to sew?

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  1. "Pronto Pups are like corn dogs on a stick. Panake-like batter dipped wiener that's deep-fried.." All of that was like a foreign language ! lol


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