Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Treadle

Here on vacation at my parents, and this was handed down to my step-dad many years ago from his grand-mother, and it might even have been handed down to her from her mother or grandmother(s).

It is an Arlington treadle machine.  I will try to get a picture of it 'set up', but that will have to wait until my mom is able to do so.  I don't know how well it operates, but the cabinet is certainly beautiful and in great condition.

I would love to own this machine and the quilt shown below, but alas, as the step-child, neither will likely fall to me, even if I offered to buy them and that the 'heirs' neither sew, nor would necessarily have an appreciation of these items.  Such is life.  

Blogger turned the photo again.

Beautiful cabinet
 I believe the drunkard's path quilt was made by his grandmother.  I'm not sure if it was pieced by hand, probably not, but it is hand-quilted.  The binding was sewn on the back and rolled to the front where it is hand stitched.  The edges of the binding show some wear and and the batting shows in places.  There are also some very small holes here and there on the quilt, and the batting looks to be a thin cotton, but through washings and wear, has bunched into lumps in places.  The curved orange appears to either be hand-pieced, or added in an applique manner.  It's lovely.
Antique drunkard's path

Hand added for scale

On bed

Close up of bunched batting and small hole

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  1. You will never know unless you ask :-)
    Both are beautiful and you have nothing to lose by expressing your love for them. Maybe your step-father would like to know these will be cherished into the next generation, especially if his children aren't interested in these things. It takes a very special person to love an old machine that may not work and a quilt with holes in it, but we quilters are very special people! Hoping they will come your way someday.


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