Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Official Word

Today was my follow-up appointment with the doctor.  He's actually a Physician's Assistant, but his specialty is orthopedics.  Three more xrays were taken of my foot now that a few days have passed.  As explained to me, a break wouldn't necessarily show up right after an injury because of the "swelling" or whatever, but after a few days, some calcification starts showing up and makes any fractures in those tiny foot bones show up better.  So on Friday the lady P.A. wasn't sure, but today it was confirmed that not only is there the one fracture that she thought she could see, but there are actually two, with the worst one being in the third bone, the one extending into the tarsal/metatarsal? area from the middle toe.  So, I have the very first, full, real cast in my life, on my foot.  I will wear it for two weeks, then he'll re-xray and we'll go from there.

Nick's school colors are red and black.  Black was the only one of the two available.

Little did we know that when we were updating those two bathrooms, and cringing with every check we wrote, that we I would be so very thankful to be able to walk into the shower without having to figure out how to get over the side of the tub.  But now with the cast, I'll need to make sure I keep it dry.  I guess they make a special cover, so may have to send Marty out to look for one at the local medical supply pharmacy, or big rubberbands to hold a plastic bag over the cast.

Now that Nick's back to school, I'll be fending for myself during the day so will likely be isolated upstairs most of the time as getting up and down the stairs has to be done on my butt, dragging the crutches with me.  I'm afraid if I try the crutches on the stairs I'll fall and break my neck! 

How is it I can spend an entire childhood in a rural environment on a ranch with all manner of potential accidents-waiting-to-happen and animals and never have any real injury, then spend years going out on backpacks and hikes in bear country without major issues and in just the last few years require two surgeries, have a severe wrist injury and now a foot-bone break?  Everyone tells me I need bubble-wrap...maybe so ;)

I do have my fur-babies to keep me company, and they do that very well during the day.  Here, Raven is hanging out on my desk after playing several runs of fetching her stuffed mousey.  Funny how because of her slightly crossed eyes, the light reflects differently.  Her eyes are greenish-gold.  Awhile back Flame was hanging out in my fabric bin while I was trying to organize some that had become dis-organized.  

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  1. Oh! Wish I'd read this sooner -- don't buy a special cover thingie! I wrapped a hand towel around the top of the cast and securing it with blue painter's tape. Then I pulled a heavy-duty big leaf trash bag over top, and secured it with blue painter's tape, too. The blue painter's tape pulls right off (so the bag's reusable) and the towel helps make sure stray water leakage doesn't happen!! :) Poor Lee ... I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! :(


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