Friday, August 17, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

Well, I don't know if I should be glad about it being Friday or not, but as one dear blog friend says "Count It All Joy".

  • I'm ready to get a rooster...maybe two or three. Why you ask? So I can be as annoying to the neighbors as their incessantly barking dogs are to us when we're trying to sleep. If noisy roosters aren't allowed within city limits, why are barking dogs? I don't even know whose (or it who's?) dogs, but last night, I was not happy nor getting any sleep. Well, vengeance is not mine, but I'm praying those dogs are quiet tonight!
  • Today, Nick joined his friend at a last summer harrah at a local arcade type place. I had the option of going, but with not getting any sleep, decided to stay home. While home I thought I'd pack up a few things that aren't necessary right now.
  • In order to do the packing up, I needed to get the box of collector plate boxes down from the storage area. We use a metal extension ladder propped against the built in shelves in the garage to access the storage (attic) area where we keep such things. I've gone up and down that ladder many times, balancing boxes of Christmas ornaments on my shoulder as I do and have never had a problem. Well, today was different. My first error was wearing flip-flop type shoes - not the real flimsy kind, but still not a solid shoe. Second error, doing this being tired from a poor night's sleep. Third error, not taking the time to use the bungee cord to secure the ladder. Well, three strikes and you're out. I wasn't out, but I sure was down! I'd reached the top and was ready to reach up to turn the light on and the ladder decided ~ yes, it has a brain and it decided to slide out from under me, or better yet, give me a less than exciting ride to the floor. In the process, my foot managed to get tweaked somehow about half-way down and the rest of the downward ride and landing produced broken blood vessels and scrapes on the insides of my wrists from trying to hang onto the rungs, glorious 'road-rash' and bruises on the outside of each thigh, a bruise and scrape on the inside of my right elbow, a cut along with a couple layers of skin removed from one pinky finger, and the foot...I might add, it's my right foot...the one I use for the gas pedal and brake, the one I'd be using to drive Nick to school next week...or not! Even my injured wrist last summer was not this painful, neither was childbirth! and I seriously thought I'd broken my foot. Not my ankle, but my foot - every bone from the arch to the toes...yes, it hurt that badly. I hobbled upstairs to get a bandage for my pinky without even recognizing any other wound but the foot. Got a bag of ice, elevated it and in near-tears called Marty at work and he came home - it's a good 45 minute drive in good traffic - it was a good traffic day. He took me to our favorite urgent care, I got in right away, they x-rayed it, no specific breaks, but a possible slight break/crack in one bone - she wasn't sure if she was "overreading" the image. So they wrapped my ankle/foot, booted it in the boot I'd taken with me from my foot surgery a year and a half ago, and sent me home with crutches, a presciption for Vicodan and instructions to ice and elevate it and come back on Tuesday. Some I'm obeying as much as possible. I won't be going up and down the stairs very much. And I'm very thankful we have the downstairs walk-in shower as I don't think I could get myself into the tub-shower - hidden blessings and who knew I'd need that so soon.


  1. Oh Lee, I'm so, so sorry. :( It made my foot hurt just hearing about the whole thing. Praying for quick relief for you ... I'm sure this morning your whole body ached from the experience. Sometimes it's hard to "count it all joy" when you're in the thick of it, huh? I hope you got a good night's rest and are able to take it easy today. Sending hugs your way!! :)

  2. Ouch! Good thing you don't have chickens to go out and take care of! (Just kidding...) ;D

    Hope you are on a speedy road to sounded painful. I know from experience sometimes the "slight breaks" seem to take longer to heal than the real ones because the doctors don't treat them like a real break. They assume you can "get back to work" sooner than you should.

    I will lift you up in prayer as you come to my mind. Hang in there!



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