Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eat What?

I know you thought I must have taken a flight to Mars or something, but I've really just been flying low and lurking a bit. Triple-digit temps for weeks on end do that to me, scramble my brain that is, so that I don't want to think about writing, or quilting, or anything else for that matter...and since in live in an air-conditioned house, that shouldn't matter, but it does. Maybe it's the incessant hum and blowing from the A/C. Or not getting a good night's sleep because of the sound, and if the sound were off, it'd be too hot.

Tonight as I was browsing social media activity I came across this blogger's post. I thought it to be quite funny, and I think she 'gets' what I, and maybe a whole lotta you folks out there, deal with every time you hear the latest scientific study, or maybe just a study from Martians trying to see how confused they can get us about food before they do as in that one movie, or was it a Twilight Zone: How To Serve Man. Am I confusing you? Well just click on the link I added and read, it'll brighten your day, or confuse you more.



  1. Do you know, I get *SO* tired of hearing that incessant drone??! I know it'd be unbearingly hot with it off, but the noise drives me NUTS! Heading over to check out the links now! :)


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