Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shingles Are Not On The Roof

On Saturday, Marty went out photographing with a friend of his. He came home and took off his cap and there was a big old red bump on his bald head just above the forehead. I thought he'd bumped himself, as he often does without realizing it. He said he thought it was just from the cap.

Within a couple days, he had a few more splotches on his face. And on his eyelid and and in the corner of his eye and it was puffing up. He doesn't think much of it at first as he's had rosacea for years and thought it was just a bad outbreak. But today, he decided he'd better get it checked by the doctor and trotted off to our favorite urgent care center (aka our primary doctor's habitat).

My phone rings; he's still at the doctor's, but said "It's shingles!" and then he says "And I have to go to the ophthalmologist RIGHT AWAY". He also says "I don't know when I can go back to's contagious, especially to pregnant women." So he's on two oral meds and 1 eye drops and has to go back to the doctor on Sunday ...I love that our primary doctor aka urgent care center... is open on Sunday, and the ophthalmologist on Monday. If not treated promptly, shingles can cause blindness and/or scarring of the eye requiring remedial surgery.

Marty will be working from home tomorrow (Fri) and Mon, maybe even Tuesday. Have I said I'm one of those women that doesn't like having my hubby home during the work day? I don't know why I'm like that, but even if all he does is sit in his desk chair all just bothers me. And that leads me into wondering how well I will again cope with workers in my house all day long for 5 weeks or more. I surely need grace...just do NOT pray for me to have patience!! because that usually incurs reasons to use patience!! The A/C-Furnace guys were here for several weeks a few years ago and that tested me quite a bit too! And when we get to the kitchen...oh my...that could be months. Maybe I should ask my doctor for some tranquilizers.

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