Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I just received my DNA (genetic ethnicity) results from My genetic heritage: 63% Scandinavian (Norway/Sweden etc) - no surprise, 26% British Isles - no surprise, 11% Eastern Europe - surprise - of sorts, as this did NOT include Germany but instead Poland/Belarus/Ukraine/Romania and also Greece! All my German ancestors must have migrated to Germany from either the north, or from the east, maybe a mixture of both as, on paper, my German heritage is over 25% of my ancestors. Hmmm, a lot of Greek art depicts men with really curly hair...must be how Nick came by his pencil-width tight ringlets! This also puts to rest the mistaken idea, based on some of our physical features, of having any Native American ancestry.

Does this mean I have to study historical migration routes and reasons for migrations?

I was hoping to be able to 'connect' with some additional cousins, but the closest any of these results revealed were connections from 5th - 8th cousins possibility based on genetic ethnicity. Had the results shown 3rd cousin or closer, the likelihood of an actual cousin would be more sure. These are early test results (of those submitted) so there's the possibility of more closely related kinship being revealed in the future

Usually this test is very expensive, but had a $9.95 special towards the end of last year so I jumped at it. I don't recall if we were limited to one individual's test samples, but I'm also (now) wishing I had done Marty's too. Maybe they'll have another special rate some day.

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  1. Genetic ethnicity? Interesting! No blood-taking involved, right? LOL! Or are there???! I would imagine there's a lot of saxon with a healthy dose of welsh, german and scandinavian tossed in for good measure. Both my mom and dad can trace lineage back to the Mayflower; my mom through eight lines, which is fun. Essentially, though, all it means is that I'm a good ol' American mutt! :)


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