Monday, March 19, 2012

And Monday It Is !!

The weekend is over, we signed the remodel contract on Friday, I went to a quilt show on Saturday - and had a wonderful time I might add! - 'attended' church via the internet again, it was a 'guest' pastor but one who's on staff, Marty took a few hours Sunday afternoon to head to an area of higher altitude to try to get some snow shots - we'd had rain here and the mountains had snow. During the times I was home over the weekend, I emptied everything out of the bathrooms to be ready for the contractor demo today.

Back to the quilt show. I'll cover purchases today. I got these two bits of fabric; the blue/brown stripe is 1 1/3 yards, the other is a stack of 42, 5" squares. I have a gift project in mind for them. The colors are right in the 5" squares, but the florals won't work, so I'll save them for something else, and if I need more I'll shop in my stash.

This was an 'ahem' somewhat costly purchase because I bought it ONLY for one block.

The block I use, will be either this one, the rooster in the middle:

or this one, but I'm thinking I'm leaning towards that first one but I may adjust the comb, it doesn't seem quite big enough for a rooster. I'll have to think about that. It'll be for my rooster quilt which is in my 2012 UFO Challenge list. I'm very happy to have found this, I've been looking for just the right rooster, in just the right size, for the longest time. I will probably flip it too, as I want the rooster to be looking to the left. Looking to the right just doesn't set with me. It must be a brain thing.

And I saw this nice cross pattern but needed to buy the pattern which had the special acrylic templates to make it. I don't know why Blogger rotated the latter photo-I did not take it that direction and it doesn't show that way on the memory stick :S

And then this one just looked interesting in the form of a flag that was on the vendor's wall.
It's by Donna Poster and she looked VERY familiar. Maybe I saw her years ago on Alex Anderson's show, or maybe she's even been a guest speaker at our guild...I just don't remember. It's a very forgiving pattern if you have trouble with that 1/4" seem, but does use a wee bit more fabric than the traditional method, but that's countered by an almost 3-D effect because of the folds. She has the flag pattern - free - on her website.

I also bought another pattern along with some embellishment items, but I won't show it as it will be a gift item also, but not for the same person as the aforementioned fabric.

And those are my 'conservative' purchases. I spent about the same as the limit my friend had set for herself. Hehee, I won't say what she spent but it was more than her self-imposed limit.

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