Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trials and Tribulations

We have been told in Scripture we will have them, and have them we do.

Before I get to the latest bit of trouble, I'd like to wish all the Mom's out there a great big


*****          *****          *****

Anyone wanting to stop reading here,'s just a little family drama that follows.

I received a call yesterday from my sister saying my dad had to take my brother to the ER.  Brother Dean had been at my dad's but said he didn't feel well and left for his home.  Some while later Dean called my dad saying he woke up on the floor and asked if he could take him to the ER so my dad did, just dropping him off - actions like this are normal in this family.

This was around 12:30 yesterday.  I'd heard no update so called my sister, she was at my dad's, around 3:30 and they hadn't heard, so they set out for the hospital to see what they could find out.  Hospital said they didn't show him ever being there.  My sister went to his apartment, he was there but had a hospital band on his wrist so HAD been at the hospital.  I don't know how he got back to his place.  I don't know all the interim details but they took him back to the hospital where, when my sister called hours later, they apparently did more testing.  He was quite upset that my family had even told me.  This is the brother who hasn't talked to me since my mother was released to home under hospice care all because he chose to believe something untrue even though everyone who was at the site at the time didn't take what was said the way he did.  Such is life with an individual who is bipolar and has had a chip, or more, on his shoulder since birth.

When my sister did call back with the clear picture, or reasonably so, it was that my brother has three cancerous tumors in his chest and throat.  He is a smoker.  At least one of the tumors was blocking adequate blood flow to his heart and brain, which apparently caused his initial feeling of unwellness and passing out.  I also learned that he had been having TIAs since even before my mother had gone to the hospital in January of 2014.  I don't recall anyone telling me that, but my sister recalls him talking about it while in my mom's hospital room.  I may not have been there at the time.

It was decided that he should be transported to the University hospital in a larger city but he refused to go by ambulance transport and was waiting for his son to come and take him, which happened in the late evening.  There was the possibility that he would be having surgery last night.  I've had no updates yet this morning.

I don't know the prognosis or what his treatment will be if anything.  He is not employed but my sister thinks he has mimimal (poor) insurance through the temp agency he works through.

Regardless of the 'ill feelings' I still will be praying for him.  He may not want me to know, or to see me, but I can still pray.


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