Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday, Monday

So far this Monday morning is going well and I hope it doesn't become a 'downer' like the song "Monday, Monday".  Yeah, I'm from that seems like only Yesterday at times.  Oh wait, that was another song from back then.  Moving right along.  And time has moved right along...all too quickly.

Yesterday did not start out great for me, I was in a terrible funk, missing my Mom among other things, but my daughter called around mid-morning and I could hear baby Evelyn making baby noises in the background, such a delight.

For dinner Nick & Marty and I went to a restaurant called Islands.  We've only eaten there a few times.  It's kind of a sports bar with a tropical island theme, hence the name.  Television monitors are everywhere and the one I could see alternated between surfing and extreme snow skiing (I'm sure they have the latter on the islands, hehe).  Awhile back when my friend Panda and I went to a quilt show, we ate lunch at Islands and she'd ordered the onion rings, and I love good onion rings and that describes theirs!  We had onion rings, and I had a Kaanapali Kobb salad to go with them.  Nick had a burger and fries, bottomless fries I might add so he had more than what came with his burger, and Marty had a wrap with a coleslaw side, which I tasted the latter and it was yummy.  It had cilantro and jicama in it and he said it had a spicy bite, but my taste wasn't big enough to detect that.   We brought home leftovers.

Later in the evening the doorbell rang followed by a loud knock and I ran down to find a delivery of flowers sitting on my doorstep.  That delivery guy was in a hurry!  But he shouted "Happy Mother's Day" as he got into his car.

I brought them upstairs, setting them on a plate on my ironing board (the only empty surface); the bottom of the container was wet.  They are lovely and smell wonderful.  I was noticing the flower photos my friends were posting on Facebook, and noticed that almost all were purple/lavender colors, and mine are no exception.  That must be the color for this year.  And I like that color, by the way.  I find as I get older, it's more appealing to me than it was when I was young.

Raven gave her approval too.  In fact, she wanted to nibble on the basket, and has tried to nibble on a blossom or two as well.  She's still hanging out with me, napping on the ironing board, while I type my post.

I've not received much of an update as to my brother's condition other than he told another brother it is lung cancer and that one of the tumors has wrapped itself around the major artery to the heart.  I don't know if that makes surgery possible or not.  Also, my sister said that a biopsy of the tumor(s) was going to be done and they could then give him treatment options, but he is likely of a mindset that he won't choose to do anything. 

On with my day's activities.  Chores are always plentiful.

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