Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Toaster Oven Tuesday, Week 48, 2015

Today's toaster oven cooking comes from the urge to have something reminiscent of childhood.  Weiner Wraps!!  I don't recall that we had these so much at home, but our small town school with farm wife cooks, served them for lunch.  They were a favorite.
 I started with a package of these.  They're my preferred hot dogs.
 Then I grabbed a can of these.  There's one more roll in this package than there are hot dogs, so it was 'just a roll'.
The finished product.

For the toaster oven, I still followed the directions on the label of the crescent rolls and baked them on the lower rack position.  I served them with a can of 3-bean salad.  

Little fuss, no frills, quick & easy.


  1. yum! I love hot dogs made like this. I usually cut mine in half (the dogs) and cover the whole dog but have to buy 2 cans of Pillsbury.

    1. Why didn't I think of that...I had two cans available! Next time for sure :)


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