Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Prayer Request - UPDATE!

Thanking those who prayed, and thanking God that Nick's 'ailment' is not serious, at least not from a cardio issue.  He's feeling much better this afternoon, and after another EKG, and an abdominal ultrasound of the heart, there appears to be no heart problem.  Oddly enough though, even that EKG was "abnormal", and the doctor said it could just be that's how his EKGs will be.  I hope that's legit.  

In discussion with this doctor and Nick re-describing his symptoms, it's sounding very much more like the issue is either allergy or pulmonary, and she suspects allergy/asthma and suggested we start in that arena.  

It's probably a good time, now that the weather has turned a definitive corner (we had some rain! and it's getting into the 40s at night!), for both of us to get out and start some exercise...walking around the block would be a good start!  Marty goes to the gym twice a week, and hikes a local trail every Sat. morning...and he has worse BP and cholesterol levels than Nick and I...go figure.  That's in part, why I don't buy into all the so-called "expert" advice that continually changes.  All things in moderation.  Still, it won't hurt to try working in more fruit, veggies, and grains - we've not been totally devoid of them but could use more. :)


  1. Very encouraging news! Hope that the course of treatment resolves his issues!!! :)


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