Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today's View

As I was sitting here thinking about my lack of goals - always a weak point - I decided I'd just do a little bit of a pictorial with a few comments.  

My creativity space that is sorely lacking a clean, open space to work in.  I really need the cabinetry that was originally planned for the wall where the printer is.

I've been craving something gooey and sweet.  This was making its rounds on social media so I thought I'd try it.  I needed two cans of peaches but had only one so used a can of fried apples as well.  It wasn't as ooey-gooey as I'd hope, but still, it tasted good.  Next time: a smaller pan, I think I'd like it 'deeper'.

These still need to be done. 

These are clean and dry and just need to be put away - plastic doesn't always dry in the dishwasher, so that's why they're on the counter.

It's not 'perfectly' cleaned off, but it's far better than it was first thing this morning.

"To Be Posted" accumulates all receipts to be entered into Quicken, "Ready to file" is after is has been and/or reconciled.  Posting done, filing not done.

This got dusted but not polished...another day.

This part of the bathroom got cleaned!  The toilet and floors did not.  Ideally (in my world) even this would be cleaner - this was all new about three years ago but in my absence, and with our awful water, there is build up around the fixtures that needs a little more elbow grease and de-scaler applied.
This is just a taste of a few areas around the house.  My mind is as scattered as these photos - every room has an area or areas that need deep cleaning, not just surface cleaning.  Who knew it would be so hard to get back on track?  The dust is prolific - I could dust half a dozen times a day.  

I fight with myself between "playing" at whatever hobby calls me and striving to get caught up on all that needs to be done with the housework.  I get frustrated constantly doing the same chore over and over and over.  I know, and accept, that as a 'housewife' it IS my first priority to care for my home, but the frustration is deep of dealing with what I perceive to be inconsideration from the others living here.  I'll give one example that weighs on me.
The 6-bag laundry sorters.

The upper section where I hang clean laundry as it comes from the dryer.  Grunge towels are kept on the upper shelf, baskets (notice there's only one - the other is in the 17 year-olds bedroom STILL with clean clothes that were to have been put away & basket returned), and clean rugs.
In my mind (and it would work with their cooperation) I have a laundry system.  It IS in place, just not followed.  I have asked ONLY that they bring their dirty clothes on a daily basis and place them on the washing machine.  One of them walks right past the washing machine to get to his car!  Once there, I will sort them into the respective bag so that when any bag is full enough for a load, I will do that load.  Ideally, I would be doing no more than a load or two every day.  Nope! One piles his laundry up in one area of the bedroom floor, the other leaves his wherever he removes it on his bedroom floor.  One is 61, the other is 17.  Eventually, and often after I either go ahead and gather the laundry myself or they eventually carry their big armloads down, it gets to the washer, where I then have a much larger task of sorting and by then all the bags are full and need to be done, so it becomes a marathon day or two of laundry.  Mind you, I'm only asking for their clothes!  I gather towels, bedding, etc. because those are done separately.  

That concludes today's ranting and whining.

I just had a series of texts from Nick - his school had a special career outing event today.  He had to be at the school cafeteria by 7:30 this morning dressed "business casual" and it was mandatory.  They were bused from the school to the event location.  He texted because, the event is now over, but the bus driver was no where to be found!  About 10 minutes later, he texted that the bus was finally there, so it'll take about 20 minutes to get back to the school and then he gets to come home for the day.  He'll be hungry as he had no lunch with him and it'll be after 1:00 p.m. before he gets home.  

He's doing well in most of his classes with As and Bs, but Spanish, that's another story.  This is his 2nd year of Spanish, and he finished the semester with a D!  After talking with two other mom's, one's son is at a different high school and the other's son is at a private school, both also taking Spanish, and their sons are also having the same problem and they've talked with other mom's too whose children are having a problem.  We wondered if there isn't a city-wide problem with how Spanish is being taught in the schools.  

I'd better go work on something - one bite at a time :/

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  1. I have my own set of issues, much of my house looks like yours, but that's not the point.... My rule when the boys were young was if it's not in the hamper it doesn't get washed. Period. My other important consideration: The sun comes up tomorrow whether I've dusted or not. Food for thought.


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