Monday, October 19, 2015

This Week

If anyone wants to know what I have been doing all week since my last post, this is it.

I've worked some more on recipe and menu review, tossing, saving, tossing, saving - haven't used any of them to cook by yet.  

I've worked on updating my stamp album - after 14 years I'd forgotten what I'd done with it, and what supplies I need in order to have it organized and up to date. I need to purchase glassine envelopes and window mounts.  I have yet to put things back into the closet from whence one box of related materials was hiding....behind EVERYTHING of course.

I've also resubscribed to a genealogy site..for six months, and hopefully I'll make good use of my subscription.  With my back and forth traveling since Feb. 2014, I let it lapse and haven't worked on my genealogy at all, and the company emailed an "offer I couldn't refuse", though I almost did.  I spent an hour or two yesterday poking around again.  I haven't dug those boxes out yet.  Heck, I don't have to, they're still taking up space in the middle of the guest room.

Then of course, are the normal mundane chores of housekeeping...not my forte' but I attempt to at least keep a few things up.  Flylady says 'sweeping the middles, still blesses the family', or something like that.  If she only knew.  The housekeeping in my head never equates to what actually gets done :/  I'll have to go back to her site and see what she says about the 2" thick carpet of dust atop the bookshelves and under the beds.

Oh, and don't forget the time I wasted (that's why the housework didn't get done) playing Pirates of the Caribbean on PS3 - I'm sure I'm being prodded to quit as the game has frozen on me each of the last two times I've played it.  I will say, all the dishes, except three utensils sitting in the sink, are clean and put away aside or in the dishwasher to be cleaned.  I'm not sure said dishwasher will survive until we decide to get that two-years behind original planning kitchen remodel done - remodel isn't even on the docket.

There were outings to do some shopping; today was a Costco run so that took up the entire morning - I should remember to NOT go on Mondays! 

 Those are the highlights, now, off to pay the bills and figure out what to have for dinner.  If you didn't catch that, I'll be multi-tasking by thinking while paying the bills, could be dangerous.

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