Friday, January 2, 2015

Such a Wimp!

Overnight, our thermostat is set to 50.  In the house it rarely drops below 55.  Last night was the second night in a row with outside temperatures dropping to 26 degrees, and THIS is supposed to be a warm climate!  I suppose it is compared to the Midwest and the Atlantic states, and even Texas lately!  While these temps are not sustained, we do get them at this time of year.

This morning, after sleeping in and not getting up until after 8:30 I went to our three zonal thermostats and set them all for 68.   That's pretty much the 'high' for our winter indoor living comfort and while that's still chilly, it works much better than 72 on the pocket book - we've learned to adjust and throw on a sweater or jacket if chilled.  Though Marty was up a whole lot earlier, probably by 7:00, he NEVER turns the thermostat up.  This morning he told me he didn't know how...he promptly got a lesson!  

After about 30 minutes or so, I realized that while I could hear the rooftop unit 'humming' it never really kicked in to produce heat.  Swell.  SO.... Nick is in his room with the door closed and a space heater running and I dug out the only other space heater and let Marty have it down at his computer for awhile, the 'stole' it and brought it to my quilt room and closed the door.  Marty has a better tolerance (maybe he's just being macho...or selfless, or sacrificial) for the cold.  He's been outside and done some outdoor chores, but the furnace on the roof requires the furnace man.  I did call him and leave a message and he'd called back within an hour and said he should be able to make here sometime between 1:00 and 3:00.  It's 2:15 and not yet!  Sure hope he keeps his word, but even if he does, I suspect he may have to order a part or parts and that could takes days, or longer.  

His company originally installed the combo air/furnace unit several years ago- like maybe six or seven - and this was the first year we haven't had it serviced per the (rather loose) contract.  His partner said they'd had a computer crash and were trying to retrieve their files.  Not a problem - I haven't been around much myself and Marty wouldn't be able to arrange a time from work to accommodate the servicing.  A few weeks ago the partner had called and explained this and set up an appointment, but never showed nor called and with the holidays, I didn't call either.  Whatever the problem, it likely would have shown up whether serviced or not as we've had a few hiccups that have worked themselves out over the last year.  It's controlled with computerized equipment, and we all know just how that can go.

Waiting, waiting, waiting :)


  1. Yikes!!! I hope he finally showed up and was able to fix you up -- being without heat this time of year is nothing to mess around with!!! :)

  2. This is the time of the year that a reliable heating system is highly needed. And it was disappointing that your furnace chose that time to break down. I just hope that the service people came in and fixed the problem soon after. Stay cozy!

    Shelley Coday @ C & C


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