Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One More Day of 2014

It's hard to believe just how quickly this year passed; surely you must think so too.  

I surely hope that 2015 isn't quite as hectic, and doesn't require as many trips up north, but I won't hold my breath on that one.  I'll be headed north again around the 20th of January and that'll depend a lot on the road conditions through the passes...I don't do snow and ice if I can help it!  In fact, I'd be perfectly happy just staying home until all possibilities of snow have ended, but that's probably too much to hope for. 

Our Christmas tree was quite nice this year - found a nice full one and its trunk was straight!  For the last two years, we've only used the artificial 4' tree.  I still struggle through the Christmas holidays - many reasons - and this year apparently had enough anxiety about it that I was having some all-day-long heart palpitations and skipped beats.  After two weeks, I did go to the doctor who called them PVCs and referred me to a cardiologist for a stress test.  Well, that didn't work out, and I haven't tried to make another appointment yet, but as soon as we got past Christmas, those palpitations lessened to the point there are very few at all now.

2014 Christmas tree, very bushy!  I didn't put all the usual decorations on it, just didn't have the energy. 
 I will probably start taking the tree down on Friday as our our trash pick-up will be collecting them on Saturday, and with only about three weeks left at home, it would be a good time to make a concerted effort at taming the giant dust monster from every corner of the house. 
Flame and Raven - about as close to snuggling together as they've ever been.  Though they are only weeks apart in age and came to live with us when very young but at separate times, they aren't snugglers with each other or even us.
These kitties aren't really big on canned food and usually only take a few licks before walking away.  Today, Flame decided she was really hungry.  I fed her canned food twice and the second time, Raven was there as well and they both ate off the same plate from the same blop of food at the same time!  That's a first.  Earlier in the day, Flame also came and crawled into my lap and lay down for about five minutes and right now she's digging up the towel in her box like she wants to crawl under it.

The kitties, not sure which one so both are guilty, gave me one casualty.  Not bad for a first time with the big tree and all the decorations.  Raven decided she likes to play in the water basin, so she might have been the culprit, but Flame is aka Klepto-Cat and likes shiny things so it may have been her.
This will likely be my last post of 2014.  I need to find, or buy, a new memory card for 2015 for the camera. 

May you have a safe, and blessed New Year. May your troubles be few, and may your joys abound.  May you have love, and peace, in all your relationships (even with those who are 'difficult'!).  


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  1. Enjoyed all the cat pics and stores today, especially -- miss the antics that come with having kitties! Yours both sound very personable. Glad to hear the palpitations are decreasing...let's hope they stay away! We'll probably keep Christmas up through mid-January . . . at the very least, I want to transition into the cabin before I deal with Christmas things! Happy New Year, my dear friend! :)


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