Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winding Down

Round One of my time here in the wet land of the north is winding down.  It is of course, bittersweet.  

I still find it hard to believe that my Mom is gone from this world, but her memory - good and bad - will live on.  

It's been nearly a week since she left and in that time, I've been coming alongside my dad in getting him, at least for now, familiar with his financial picture.  He has little to work with, but as long as he controls his spending and can remember to set aside the monies for those things that only bill once or twice a year, he should be ok.  Operative word is 'should'.  

At 80, he has some memory issues, and some minor (?) health issues, so while I'll be heading home this coming Monday morning, I'll only be gone for a week to take care of my own personal business, and then come right back for another month, or two, or indefinitely. 

It would be easier if I had great confidence in even one of my four siblings' abilities, but they have jobs and such and can't be here.  I'm not sure yet just how well my dad will do entirely alone even if I can get him on board with processing his own paperwork/bills/checks, and he has no confidence in the other sibs to do the things that need to be done.  Definitely a difficulty of living nearly 900 miles away, but I can be here for now, though it's hard on Marty and Nick.

My daughter will fly in on Sunday afternoon, and drive back with me; I am so looking forward to seeing her, and we're keeping her very brief time with us as a secret surprise to Nick.  We haven't seen her in over three years!


  1. Continuing to keep you lifted, my dear friend. So glad you're getting an opportunity to see your girl and you won't have to travel alone! :)

  2. Blessings to you and your family. Glad you won't be driving alone.

  3. When my father died I found I had to move in with my mother in the end. It was easier. But thankfully I didn't have other pulls on my time! I pray it will get easier for you and your dad! x


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