Friday, March 24, 2017

Passing Time

And time is surely passing by!  

Having anything worthy of posting about seems to escape me. Or, maybe I'm just not as inclined to post about as much. 

I've not been ill or depressed, nor have there been any problems.  Well, except a bit of a water saturation issue between my "new" (now four-year old) bathrooms, but Marty has fixed least that's the hope, and that only occurred during the last couple weeks, not over the last few months of my absence from blogging.

A little bit of work has been done on genealogy, but nothing on quilting since my last Webs of Thread quilting post.  

My aunt visited in January, but I think I covered that on WOT, maybe.  The visit was short compared to my visits to her home, but we had a nice time all the same and I'm very happy she came.

Spring is here, and our weather is typical for this time of year.  Some days get quite warm into the upper 80s and nights are in the 50s or slightly below.  We still have some cooler days too, and even had some more drizzle/showers this past week.  Spring is my favorite time of year...except for the shedding done by the kitties.

A hummingbird produced two babies in the nest right out my kitchen window and it's already been nearly two weeks since they fledged.  What a joy it was to watch them grow! I miss them, but I saw two flying around together in the back yard earlier today and wondered if they were 'ours'.  The feeders have been up all but a short time during the winter as we have the hummers year round.  I need to get out and clean the outside of the window before one decides to re-use the nest.  They really "hit" the window this time, if you catch my drift.  I'm still awaiting the arrival of the Hooded Orioles.  Soon, I hope.

Yep, that's been about it around here.  Oh, except Nick got his first car.  A bright red sports car about 12 years old.  He owes us!

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