Monday, April 4, 2016

Files, Files, Files...a genealogy post

When I last posted, I had shown the file cabinets, and then transitioned to Webs of Thread for the cutting 'table' aspect atop those file cabinets.  I've not done any sewing, but am slowly working on genealogy organization.  

I'm not going to show any pictures, only because they're as boring as the plain written word.  I've alphabetized, in the drawers, all my boxes of genealogy, except for my step-father's.  I haven't yet decided if I want to incorporate his, or keep them separate or just stuffed in a box in a closet.  It might be necessary to get yet another cabinet as I have my husband's lines that aren't filed but at this point those are minimal.  

With the files, I'll be using a 4-color code system for my lines. Blue for my paternal g'father, green for my paternal g'mother, red for my maternal g'father, and yellow for my maternal g'mother.   Today I went to both Michael's, hoping to find some good colored stickers, minimal success, and Staples where I found colored hanging folders, and top-colored labels.  Also some colored hearts (instead of stars) to designate the individuals within those colored files who are my direct lines. 

Michael's had photo boxes on sale at $2 apiece so I picked up five of them.  Photos are included in this organizational effort.  Some photos go with my genealogy records and some are my own personal ones.  I've pretty much decided that I will be disposing of a whole lot of personal photos.  I figure that as mobile as life is today, and with social media, my descendants will have no interest in dozens of photos of locations from my singles days.  They mean something only to me holding my memories of the activities and the people in them.  Pictures with family members are another story, but even many of them need to be culled.  Who needs blurry pictures, or pictures where you can hardly make out who's who?  Digital photos are another animal altogether.  I also shot slides for several years, so will have to deal with those.

I suppose one could say I'm at that age, where I'm ready to rid myself of excess, rather than continually gather, and that which I keep needs to be organized and labeled where applicable so that my descendants will know why I kept it in the first place or how I came to have it.  Eventually, even with that, these things could still end up in a dump, or an antique store, or in a box in an attic or basement until the day the Lord returns to create the new heavens and new earth and then it'll all be gone and no thought ever again given to it.  It's all just "stuff of earth" with no heavenly value.

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