Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toaster Oven Tuesday

Did you think I'd given up on Toaster Oven Tuesday?  I've thought about it.  After all, it seems I can pretty much bake in my toaster oven anything one would bake in their regular oven; except a full-sized, stuffed turkey that is.

We had an overnight guest this week and I made my meat loaf in the toaster oven. We had rough mashed red potatoes - peeled because they had been here for a few weeks and I didn't want any nasty surprises! I rounded the meal out with whole green beans, and then added this for dessert, and it needed to be baked.  So into the oven it went.
I'd never tried Claim Jumper's Dutch Apple Pie.  I was originally shopping for a peach pie because that has been the only flavor Nick likes, but the store had none, and this just looked good.  I think I've been craving something sweet with that crumbly type of topping.
This is how it looked going into the oven...frozen, of course.  After the first 35 minutes or so, I did have to put foil around the edges of the crust so that it didn't get too dark.
After 50-55 minutes, the crumble topping was added while leaving the foil in place, then baked for an additional 10 minutes.
This was the end result.  Oh how scrumptious looking.  You know, we ate it with Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream and didn't get a single picture of that!  Not even of the leftovers over the next few days.  This was a delicious pie.  I will buy it again, but I sure wish pie didn't have calories!

Oh, and Nick, he liked it too.

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  1. Thought about you when we got our new toaster oven last week! The 8-yr-old one finally bit the dust. The new one came with a pizza pan.


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