Thursday, September 24, 2015

Still Ain't Got It !

Ain't got what? you ask!  The OOMPH to get things done.  I'm thinking the biggest problem is....ME ! and all that's rattling around in my brain.  It's become so very hard to stay focused on any one thing no matter how hard I try.

Though I no longer have the responsibilities on my shoulders for anything pertaining to my dad, the known goings-on still weigh me down and I don't sleep well.  And I'm working hard at keeping my sister's emotions-that-become-regretable-actions under control in all of this.

My home has been so very neglected for so very long, I'm just overwhelmed.  I get side-tracked so easily.  Putting away laundry, oh, this needs to go elsewhere, or putting the dishes away, oh, this drawer needs to be cleaned out.  Perhaps you've had those times too.

And, after a wonderful month and a half without it, the vertigo is back - quite annoying as it decreases both my ability to focus and my physical work efforts.

I am determined to make progress, even if it is only in the same way as you eat an bite at a time.  It surely could be a smaller elephant!

I've started creating lists on my new cell phone.  I'm finding I really like having it for some things, even if I haven't received a single call, or made one, in the nearly two weeks since I got it.  I can text now :)  it tracks my steps, I can keep my calendar at hand, I can track so many things via lists, and I used those lists when I went grocery shopping the other not all is a negative, there are positives.


  1. Try some Vitamin B. And keep those feet a'shufflin'.

  2. Just keep chewing and PUSHing (Pray Until Something Happens)! It does work on Elephants no matter how big.


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