Monday, June 16, 2014

Flying Time

Nope, I'm not flying anywhere, but time IS flying by, and I see it's been awhile since I updated.  Going back and forth between the states is beginning to confuse my mind.  The first morning back, I awoke and from my bed looked around and I was confused momentarily as to where I was.  I'm sleeping well, and that only happened that first morning.

I arrived home Friday night with the expectation of being here only two weeks, though that could stretch to as much as three - I'd like that, it's nice to be home, even if I was met with loads of laundry, floors to sweep, litterbox to clean, and a myriad of other household chores that seem to be largely overlooked when I'm gone.  I shouldn't complain.  When I'm at my Dad's, he mostly does the normal household stuff while I observe his abilities, take care of his financial paperwork and keep track of his health-related stuff. 

When I was packing to come home, I couldn't find my camera's battery charger.  I was sure I'd had it with me, but could not locate it.  Then I thought maybe I'd left it here at home, but I'm not finding it here either.  I am at a loss.  I likely stuck it in something as I was packing, last minute, to go north a month ago, but now I can't find it.  No bueno!

A few years ago, I had bought my Mom the same camera, albeit a newer model.  I thought I could recharge using her charger.  Nope, they ever-so-slightly changed the battery size and charger to accommodate the new one.  Well, I can use her camera, but I'd still like to find mine as I had planned to give her camera to Nick and mine works very well - when the battery is charged!


  1. Glad you're back home for a bit. I know what you mean about the camera chargers. My old one was a G and the new one is an N, or vice versa, same brand, new model camera. Sometimes you can get the chargers in the electronics dept at Target or Walmart. I'm bad about sticking stuff in weird places at the last minute. I'm trying to have just one catchall bag for that kind of stuff so I only have one place to look.

  2. I misplaced my point and shoot camera a year clue where it is! The good news is my photos look a lot better since I've been using the DGSLR. lol.
    Can you believe the year is half over?????


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