Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Generation

My first child called me a week or so ago. She wanted me to be the first (aside from herself and husband) to know that she might be (was pretty sure she was) pregnant. She called two nights ago and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. She and her husband thought it would take longer, but are thrilled nonetheless. They only recently stopped preventing pregnancy and thought it would take longer because shortly after they were married she had to have a surgery that resulted in the loss of one of her ovaries. So by the middle of September, Lord willing, I will be a first-time grandma. I wish we lived closer !! My baby's having a baby !! She really can't be closing in on 30 can she? That means she's really not a baby anymore, but in my heart, she'll always be 'my baby'. I wonder if she'd like the baby clothes I saved from when she was a baby; maybe some of the special blankets. Since it's her first, she'd probably like all new, but she's practical, so may be very happy to receive even her old ones. Oh, wait, she might have a boy and well, those clothes just wouldn't look right on 'him'.

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